Scent Angels, LLC

                                                Our Approach

We are proud to be one of first programs training & placing
fur service dog Angels since 2009. 
  With a
training protocol producing balanced, happy,
consistently, working
D.A.D Angels. 

Properly trained D.A.Ds are seldom wrong even though sometimes it may seem as if they are,
since they can alert 20 minutes before the meter shows changes in blood sugar,
waiting 30 minutes and re-testing usually proves the dog correct and gives
Hypoglycemic unaware Diabetics precious time to treat before the blood sugar drops too low.

Not too many Diabetic Alert programs have a seasoned T1 Diabetic to help when blood sugar
craziness takes over and confuses new service dog users, but Ann is there to help!

The dogs do not remove the need of glucose testing, actually most will test more often
Disappointedly, the dogs do not eliminate middle-of-the-night testing 
The dogs will help keep blood glucose in target range, by alerting to rises & falls not felt
by Diabetics having lost their ability to know

We invest time & emotion when selecting & training the most suitable dog for each client.
We will not finalize a placement until both client & Scent Angels are satisfied the team
is ready to have a successful future together.
Continued positive reinforcement training & handling of the dog is important. 

Each D.A.D goes through a program of blood glucose scent training and proofing
using the diabetic client's personal scent.
The dog is also taught a mutually chosen physical ALERT.
The service dog in training will accompany Diane places to practice everything
we can think of to ready the dog for life as the client's working companion.

These exposures help dogs to behave properly in most situations they encounter.
Yet, dogs are not a “remote control” and ALL trained D.A.Ds do require some continued
training & reinforcement, after the
transition/placement period.
Scent Angels now holds sporadic training classes.

  • ScentAngels will access your individual lifestyle needs & offer options to include the dog into your everyday life

  • ScentAngels cautions that D.A.D trainers report less than 30% alert consistently during night-time and should not be considered the night-time answer
  • ScentAngels has made the difficult decision to not place our service dogs with young children, for many reasons; please look to other trainers that have done children placements
  • ScentAngels will prepare the team for life accompanied by a service dog 
  • ScentAngels can help assess your dog for capabilities/characteristics needed for success, then help you train him/her yourself or train your own dog for you

    Diabetics that have these service dogs are saying;

I now have a lower A1C score and better control of my diabetes."

      "I used to let my blood sugars run high because of the fear of going low, now I am able to aim for    healthier blood sugar levels."

      "I have my independence back, living life to the fullest, with less fear of my blood sugar dropping
too low and having a dangerous, scary or embarrassing episode" 

      "I have not needed Paramedics since being teamed with my Diabetic Alert Dog!"


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