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NOTE:  Successor dogs are difficult for both the human (grief, expectations) & the new dog (big shoes to fill).
***we at Scent Angels has decided to make successor Service Dogs priority***

Joy & Nova
(Rescued Yellow Lab Mix)

Joy and husband Jay drove to Minnesota from North Carolina to meet Nova. 
This little dog may have had a bad start in life, but her big personality always remained positive,
she was saved and she now saves.  Nova has a new wonderful life now, instant love all around.
Joy wrote: While driving home right after getting Nova from you, she alerted me to a scary low in the car, I was driving!
  One night, I woke to a dog sitting on my pillow and scratches on me...she had been trying to
wake me for a while I guess.  Another great alert, during a crazy, busy, noisy middle school band concert.

Eileen & Dex
(Parti Std Poodle)
2017 baby Dex all grown up & living with Eileen and Hank.
 Both of us were able to deliver Dex to his new home in wonderful San Diego
(and we also got to visit Jen and Dina, our other California D.A.D)  

Dex is an easy going dog and a perfect match for their large dog family. 

Eileen also wears a Dexcom (CGM), giving her duel "Dex" help ...
(using all the current tools available to help manage crazy blood sugar changes).

  Sue & Benny
(Apricot Std Poodle w/natural tail-Dina's brother)
Early 2016, Scent Angels' very first D.A.D; Brody bloated & devastatingly died during emergency surgery. 
Sue knew immediately she needed the help she was used to for dealing with her unpredictable blood sugars.
Lady luck was looking out for both of them, because of a twist of fate,
Benny became available making this difficult situation a bit easier (though not less sad).

Sue felt brave enough to drive out West in part because Benny alerts like a champ,
helping her avoid blood sugar catastrophes (like Brody did for 6 years).

Jacque & Sadie
(Blue Std Poodle)

Jacque originally enrolled with her 4 yr old Tibetan Terrier, Rachel in our owner-training program.
Fall 2014 we all sadly concluded Rachel should remain a pet.
Jacque's sister, offered Sadie from her own std poodle service dog breeding to Jacque. 
We all decided Sadie had a wonderful personality & possibilities (which turned out correct!)
Jacque still wanted to owner train the obedience & public access so we decided to try a new approach;
Diane got Sadie scent & alert trained first. Then, Jacque took over, finished obedience, racked up the many
required hours of public access training. 
Now have passed both CGC test & PAT and are a finished working team!

Jacque continues to be amazed with Sadie's alerting skills and public manners while still acting like a dog at home!  The teams is currently working on those difficult to achieve alerts while walking with squirrel distractions. 

Over the holidays Jacque & Sadie visited her sister to show what a good puppy she picked for Jacque. 

Jen & Dina
(Apricot Std Poodle w/natural tail-Benny's sister)

Jen contacted us wanting a poodle or doodle mix that loves children. 
We thought pretty & sweet Dina would be perfect, a full poodle that has a natural tail like a doodle and she loves children!
Thanksgiving 2014 Diane flew Dina to meet her new family in
California.  Dina alerts Jen to unfelt &
unexpected low blood sugars & make her life a bit nicer.

Jen wrote:
Dina saves me again! So I woke up this morning & tested my blood sugar: perfect. I got my coffee and sat to read. An hour later Dina is placing her paw on my leg, giving me "the face." I kinda blew it off and kept reading (I know, I should know better), "Dina you're crazy. I was just perfect." Again the paw & the face. "Ok girl." Reluctantly I check. My blood sugar is a little high. What the heck!? I go to give insulin via my insulin pump and then notice the delivery tube (that is connected to my stomach) is kinked under the pump clip, preventing the insulin from being delivered!! I fixed it and got my sugar down. Now, without Dina I would have figured this out...BUT much later when my sugar was SUPER high. Just a small example of what this dog does every single day.

Jen's family wrote: Diane, words cannot begin to tell you how thankful we are that you brought Dina into Jen's life. We have prayed so hard since Jen got diabetes at 7 yrs old, for some sort of miracle.  I'd say our prayers have been answered in the miracle of Dina you brought to us!

Molly & Hope
(Chocolate British Lab)


Scent Angels knew Molly & Dixie as one of the Nation's first Diabetic Alert Dog Teams. 
had been helping Molly with her inability to feel approaching devastating low blood sugars for 7 yrs.
Dixie unexpectedly died from fast growing cancer the Spring of 2014, Molly contacted us. 
  Molly was understandably devastated, yet struggling with her need for a successor alert dog that difficult summer without
Molly decided she had to try another dog. Our states neighbor, which would help the transition. So lets do it.
Hope quickly came to mind as a reluctant hunting yet very loving lab,we "Hoped" would be perfect.
Hope took to scent training like she knew she was needed, quickly earning Hope a career change & new friend. 

Molly said: 2014 was such a difficult year, Dixie was my everything. I was heartbroken.
But having some bad episodes after
Dixie died, I knew I had to try another dog & now I am glad I did.
Hope won me over with her big heart & alerting abilities. She has already tightened my blood sugar range like
I am once again feeling I am not alone in fighting "dam diabetes" -Molly's blog


Stacey & Gretchen
(White German Shepherd)

Stacey & step-father, Mark came to Minnesota during a C-O-L-D winter, minus 10 degrees, quite different from 100 degree temps they left back home! Being good sports they made the best of the situation, getting to know Gretchen & be tourists. America versus South Africa adjustments included; steering wheel on the wrong side, driving on the wrong side, miles versus meters, different blood sugar meter numbers & chips are called fries…Luckily Gretchen's alerts are the same in any country. January 2014, they all arrived safely back home.

   Stacey said: Gretchen was, simply, an absolute star on the long journey back to South Africa. Gretch took everything in stride, absolutely nothing fazed her. Minnesota to New York, the terrible journey from the airport to the hotel, the airport train wasn't working due to bad weather so we had to catch a bus to one place, then catch the hotel shuttle. It was freezing & unpleasant waiting in the open, then a mad scramble to get on then off, no-one gave any consideration to Gretch-poor thing, she nearly got trampled & squashed stuck between inconsiderate people getting off & on, a bit of a nightmare really. Arrival in CapeTown was great & WARM ha-ha. Family was there to greet us dressed up in “Gretchen Tee shirts” highly entertaining other people waiting for passengers with the greeting we received. 

John & Buddy
Buddy & John needed help. John had been hospitalized an extended time period. Buddy's skills had suffered. John could not travel to the program that originally trained Buddy. Scent Angels was asked to help them. As lady luck would have it there was a spot for Buddy to come for a reminder course in manners & obedience (Buddy's alerting skills had remained intact).

John & Buddy's joyful reunion had everyone in tears...

Cindy & Opal
(Cream Std Poodle-Teddy's sister)


Cindy hoped for a dog that would fit into her quieter life. We thought sweet Opal would be perfect.  Diane flew to deliver Opal to beautiful Colorado and then help Opal transition into her new life with Cindy & husband Gary. They quickly became a team.
Both Opal & her brother (Teddy) are happy alerting service dogs. Opal even very happily has a yard to run her goofy circles!

               Cindy's update after 5 days: I was standing in the aisle talking to coworkers Opal kept pawing me. Since I had recently eaten & already tested my blood sugar, I thought my blood sugar was high, I kept telling Opal to wait. Finally I excused myself & re-tested...I was actually low!!  Opal is beyond wonderful & so loving. You have done an incredible job with her.
Thank you!  Hugs from Cindy,
Gary, and Opal        

Dawn & Teddy
(Cream Std Poodle-Opal's brother)

When Dawn heard her life could benefit from a diabetic alert dog, she researched breeds, deciding on a std poodle in consideration of other people's allergies. Dawn also wanted a dog with a big personality (like her own), Teddy definitely has that! Teddy was ready for Dawn to travel to Minnesota Sept 2012 to become a team. Then back home to South Dakota to live with husband Brent. Dawn laughs when people ask about Teddy's alerts, her answer: "many times every single day"
Fall 2014: Teddy & family moved to
Arizona, temperature shock for sure.

Dawn wrote us: Teddy did an AWESOME thing today. I was working with a patient who does not like dogs, so I leashed him across the room under a desk. He laid there over 30 minutes without an issue. Then he got up & started pawing a co-worker at her desk near him. I went over & corrected him, but he got up again. I did not know this until later, but when I took the patient back to her room, Teddy became very agitated & fussed more. When I came back, he alerted me, I checked & found my blood sugar quite low! We will all now acknowledge his alerts to others when I am across the room! Twice now,Teddy has woken up Brent, because I was un-wakable due to low blood sugar, (evidenced by scratch marks on my arm discovered next day-Bless his heart, Teddy had tried to waken me) and failing that ...Teddy got help..such a good boy!


Estef & Jerry

When Estef said she wanted a big, active yet cuddly dog, Diane thought Jerry would be a perfect fit & he is! Stef came to Minnesota May 2012 for transition. Almost immediately Jerry alerted to a high blood sugar. 
Next day Jerry alerted first to a high then an approaching low blood sugar during a movie at the Mall of America.
They went home to
Illinois & attended a wedding, Jerry was popular with the flower girls.
Jerry has tightened his alerting range & Stef recently had a lower A1C than she's had in years. 

Stef's stories: Jer-bear alerts me while walking, he'll speed up a bit, turn & sniff my leg, I'll slow down (because he's gotten in my way), then he quickly sits & paws me! Jerry was in the backseat of the car & pawed my arm, my sugar was 51, I had no idea!


Christina & Jinx
(Petite Boxer)

Diane flew to
Mississippi to place Jinx with Christina July 2011. Jinx settled in and bonded immediately with Christina and alerted the first day. Christina knows she got lucky because Jinx even alerts in the middle-of-the-night. Christina has been able to attend workshops away from home she was too worried to attend in the past due to unpredictable and unfelt approaching low blood sugars. Christina also won a battle with her school and helped update Mississippi school service dog law. 

Christina's 2013 FB post:  Happy "Gotcha" Day, Jinx!!! Two years ago today, I met you and Diane Marquette at Jackson's airport. You have truly changed my life and gave me independence I never had before you came into my life. You changed my thoughts from, a week after my son was born (9 years soon) being told by my doctor, that I had "5-10 years, 15 if lucky" before beginning dialysis to now barely able to tell I have kidney disease....and you, Jinx, are a MAJOR part of that!! You are an amazing blessing in my life.and I am so happy to have you be part of it. You help keep me here to raise my children. Now, instead of my thinking.."my kids will be 12 & 10 when I start dialysis...I am thinking I will be at my children's graduations, weddings & will get to meet grandchildren. Thank you, Jinx, Diane and many others!!

Sue & Brody (RIP)
Black Std Poodle)

Sue needed a D.A.D but the family's pet Aussie, Brittney was dog aggressive. Since Sue lives nearby, Sue and Diane were able to   get Brittney maybe not to love but at least to tolerate Brody! Brody now lives with Sue and her family, Brittney and their cat too! (Brittney has since died and they rescued a Boston mix "Lola" after making sure Lola and Brody got along!) Sue and Brody have been an awesome team here in Minnesota since June 2010. Brody has alerted consistently from day one.
Here is a picture of them at work. Sue just celebrated her 50 year T1 anniversary with her best A1C ever! 
(Brody died suddenly Jan 2016)

Sue shared an alert story:  My son & I were at a store waiting in line. Brody was quietly laying next to me then suddenly he stood up to alert. Neither Joe nor I had any idea my blood sugar was dropping. I tested discovering I was absolutely too low to drive.."I felt fine, & had every intention of getting into the car to drive home. Had Brody not alerted me, the outcome could have been deadly, not only for us but others on the road”


Sharon (RIP) & Max
(Yellow Lab)

2010 Sharon heard Diane's interview about Scent Angels on the KTK9 radio program.  She wanted to train her 7 yr yellow lab herself to help her with her terrible hypo-unawareness after having Type1 over 50 years. Even though Max was 7 yrs old, he had traits needed for public service and appeared to be a good candidate. Plan A; Sharon attempted owner training program. But, her unawareness was dire and too challenging for owner training.
Plan B; Diane took up training Max at her home, Sharon lived nearby in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and was able to visit Max often.
Max quickly finished scent and alert training. The team was back together 2 months later.
Sharon died 2014.

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