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Jayne meets Clark for the first time (we think they like each other....) 

ahhh, baby Dex at 4 months old (2017) .. all grown up now & with his person in San Diego 

North Dakota's, Jolene & son (they are both Diabetic) are owner training Maddie their yellow Lab puppy,
to both of their out-of-range blood sugars.

Owner trainers, Jon & Katie with Jordan (Lab mix) have begun their
exciting (and sometimes frustrating) journey into diabetic alert service dog training. 

 They have taken obedience classes and have already gotten Jordan alerting to live low & high blood sugars!

They are working hard to turn their fun loving pup with the huge smile into Jon's service dog.
Alerting out in public with distractions the current focus.  Living nearby an added plus


Summer 2015 Dawn contacted Scent Angels, she was driving up from Arizona
We quickly put together a reunion.  We sure had a fun day.
(L to R: Sue&Brody; Ann&Lily; Meghan(Teddy's puppy raiser)&Stella; Jacque&Sadie; Diane&Lenny; Molly&Hope; Dawn&Teddy)

  Diabetes Awareness Event 2015 flyer: ProAct hosting an educational Event about Diabetic Alert Dogs. 
Diane & Ann will be guest speakers and will be bringing dogs to demonstrate how the dogs are
trained and how they work at detecting blood sugar changes. 
Wed, October 21, 2015 10:00 to 11:00 Conference rooms 1 & 2; 3195 Neill Armstrong Blvd., Egan, MN 
Free & Open to the Public (light refreshments provided)

Welcome Brett, Erin & Goldendoodle, Acacia into our owner-training program.
  After Brett's first alerting service dog died, they decided to train their own replacement starting with a puppy. 
Currently Acacia is finding hidden scent samples like a champ. 
Learning how to behave in public and soon will take that most important step..alerting to real-time lows.

Media coverage links about Gretchen and Stacey in South Africa 
 FaceBook page:

Dawn & Teddy in the news....Video link:
Dog Helps Owner Manage Diabetes

Dog Helps Owner Manage Diabetes

November 1, 2012, 6:06 PM by Casey Wonnenberg

People with diabetes can have severe reactions if their blood sugar level gets too high or too low.
Most diabetics use medication or eating behaviors to keep their blood sugar under control, but a Sioux Falls woman has a new approach: a diabetic-alert service dog.
Dawn Fode takes her dog, Teddy, with her everywhere. They've been a team for two months. "Ten minutes, it took me
ten minutes to fall head-over-heels in love with him," Fode said. 

Not only does Fode love her standard poodle but she relies on him to protect her health.

"He will warn me when my blood sugar is about 75 on the way down, and at 75 I can still function very well.
Somebody around me wouldn't notice it," Fode said.

Fode has had diabetes 48 years. She's no longer able to tell when her blood sugar level gets too high or low. 
"I have insulin reactions really quickly, and my blood sugar goes up very quickly", Fode said.  Before Dawn had the dog,
she had several scary situations where her blood sugar level got too low.  "A couple of them at work when I was working
with patients, a couple in the car when I got lost and couldn't find my way to where I was supposed to be going"

When Fode's blood sugar is out of the normal range, Teddy alerts Fode by tapping her on her hand. How does Teddy know?
He can, thank his good sense of smell, plus hours of training.

Sanford's Dr. David Nelson says "When the body is going high on blood sugar, it will produce ketones the dog can smell. 
And when they go low, the body is breaking down amino acids and putting off a urea the dog can smell."

It's a sense of smell that could not only prove to be lifesaving but has also formed a bond between a woman and her
new best friend.  "If I walk out of the house and he's not with me, he gets very anxious. He always wants to be
right next to me and follows me around the house when I'm at home," Fode said.

Christina and Jinx were instrumental in the passage of a new bill allowing service dogs in public schools. 
Here is Jinx at the capitol greeting the Mississippi governor after he signed the new service dog bill.  Congratulations!

Ann and Lily were invited to present about Diabetic Alert Service Dogs
  at JDRF Reach & Teach November 2011,
also JDRF events October 2013 & 2015

Scent Angels was invited to visit a Girl Scout Troop gathering information about service dogs for
the new Girl Scout Service Dog Badge

Scent Angels was interviewed by Katie on her KTK9 radio show to inform & answer questions
about diabetic alert dogs in 2010 and again in 2013

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