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Diane is Scent Angels' principal trainer. Diane has been training Diabetic Alert Dogs since 2009.
Diane has 30+ years experience in training different breeds of dogs as well as horses.
Has attended training workshops and personally trains the Diabetic Alert Dog (D.A.D)
in her and her husband's home, one at a time, to the high level required by Assistance Dogs International.
Many programs will not place a service dog in your home if another pet dog already lives there and while
that does make a placement more difficult, we know it is important, possible and have done it.
Diane will work hard to meet individual needs.
Diane also offers the option of taking your own dog into her home for training.


   Ann  heads the owner training program and the diabetic consultant.
Ann has been a Type 1 diabetic since 1988, Hypo & Hyper-Glycemic unaware since 2004.
In June 2009 Ann interned with a Diabetic Alert Dog program and learned how to train her own dog, Lily.
Lily has been alerting to blood sugar lows and highs ever since.
She and husband currently live with 2 dogs. Ann is very involved in the D.A.D community, 
 workshops and daily contact with D.A.D teams
Ann also has 30+ years dog and horse training.
Ann was a featured Diabetic Alert Dogs speaker
at Minnesota's JDRF Reach and Teach 2011
another JDRF event 2013 and 2015. 

What you can expect when working with Scent Angels ...

                 5+ years Diabetic Alert Dog experience, living with, training & working with service dogs & their new handlers...

Ø  Help in evaluating individual life needs of Teens / Adults

Ø  D.A.Ds. properly trained to give a clear, recognizable alert signal upon recognizing
a client's personal hypo & hyper-glycemic scent

Ø  Option of a completely obedience trained & public access ready dog

Ø  High obedience and public access (IAADP recommended) standards

Ø  Help training new Owner & Family in the proper use & care of a service dog

Ø  Post placement follow-up services for the continued success of the team.....Forever

Ø  Education for businesses, organizations & public of the Federal rights of Service Dog teams

Assessment of family pet dogs as possible D.A.D. candidate & several training options
if you wish to fully or partially train

The biggest differences between a service dog and a pet dog isn't capability,
but stability, reliability and training.

Living with a service dog is life changing and requires dedication of the new owner to maintain skills, manners and proper service dog behavior.
Forever help
is just a phone call or email away.

   Call us we love talking about these amazing dogs.....evenings/weekends

            Ann 763-546-2574          
  Diane  952-974-0543