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 Making a difference in the quality of a Diabetic's life, one Service Dog at a time.

Have you heard of dogs that can sense when blood sugars are dropping to an unsafe level?
They are called Hypoglycemic
Alert Dogs / Diabetic Alert Dogs (D.A.Ds) and are enhancing lives every day!

  ....a D.A.D is a living assistive device to help T1, T2 or Hypoglycemic persons suffering the
inability to feel blood sugar dropping
to the dangerous levels that cause unconsciousness.
Relatively new to the world of service companions, protected
by the Federal government, they are here to help until there is a cure....

While most Diabetics feel symptoms of blood sugar approaching a dangerous level,
some do not which is called "Hypoglycemic Unawareness"
and some suffer crazy fast blood sugar drops called "Brittle".
These people need help recognizing the approach of severe low blood sugars
to reclaim independence. CGMs are one option (that does not work for everyone),
a properly trained Diabetic Alert Dog (D.A.D) is another option.
Because of the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), these service dogs are able
to accompany their Diabetic at all times to “alert” when blood sugars may be moving in a
direction that could cause serious harm.

These dogs are providing a great sense of relief to people with diabetes.

When a Diabetic's level of sugar (glucose) in their blood drops too low, the situation can quickly
become a medical emergency.
  This is a
serious health threat and adds psychological baggage to every day.
Living like that is hard and isolating.
Type 1 Diabetics, some Type 2 Diabetics and some Hypoglycemics;
do complicated mathematical equations
before eating anything, going anywhere, before doing anything
and yet still
suffer from unexpected low blood sugars!

Scent Angels Diabetic Alert Service Dogs are trained to identify and more importantly,
give a specific, physical alert when noticing subtle blood sugar changes
undetectable (because of unawareness) to humans. 

We want to help reclaim your independence and to once again live life to the fullest.

Please contact Scent Angels:  For trainers you can trust,

 Follow-up service you can count on...

We are totally dedicated to helping you succeed as a Diabetic Alert Service Dog team!

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